undefined Travel Alberta, the tourism and marketing agency of the Government of Alberta, along with Critical Mass, a global digital experience design agency, launched a campaign that captures the feeling of adventure in the Albertan Rocky Mountains.

Drawing on Last Year’s Success

This isn’t the first time that Travel Alberta has built a campaign around cinematography – their previous campaign “living photos” combined static imagery and subtle movement to create the illusion of perpetual motion to create stunning and captivating images. This campaign has won awards and accolades, bringing attention from the advertising industry and consumers alike.

The new campaign this time around sought to build on last year’s success, capturing moments of thrill in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

Explore Travel Alberta’s Cinematography

As you explore Travel Alberta’s cinematography, you’ll notice that the images are much more engaging and captivating than regular still photos. In one example, you’ll notice a skier stops midair and the Rock Mountains disappear – almost casting a hypnotic effect on the viewer. Travel Alberta teamed up with Flixel Photos, who has partnered with brands such as Microsoft, Lexus, and A&E in the past to create other cinematography campaigns.

Cinematography is quickly becoming a powerful new visual storytelling medium for top brands.

We encourage you to explore Travel Alberta’s newest campaign at Leave us a comment below to let us know what you think of Travel Albert’as newest cinematography campaign!

  Posted: Wednesday, May 11th, 4:47pm 4 years ago

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