On the bustling 17th Avenue, there is an assortment of restaurants to choose from, with eager diners that are waiting to fill their cravings. One restaurant, in particular, draws a big crowd because of its mouthwatering Korean food.

Anju’s New Beginnings

In 2013, Anju lost its original downtown location in Calgary due to flooding. Without Anju on 17th Ave, the following year was extremely difficult for people looking to get their crispy tofu fix.

Luckily, Anju found a new spot on 17th Avenue SW, and for the last few years, patrons have again been able to fill their cravings for Chef Roy Oh’s creations.

Anju Offers a Colorful Location and Exciting Menu

Those who knew the old Anju will notice that the new space on 17th Ave has more color and life than the previous location. Additionally, the restaurant offers more space to accommodate patrons. In addition to relocating and updating décor, Anju revamped their menu to offer new dishes.

You’ll notice that Anju emphasizes small plates that marry traditional Korean food with a modern twist. Yelp reviewers suggest trying the salmon tacos, the crispy tofu, and the lettuce wraps. Others mention that the baked oysters are exceptional, and the oxtail tortellini is still delicious.

Anju Named One of Calgary’s Best Restaurants

Avenue Calgary Magazine named Anju one of the top 10 restaurants in Calgary in 2015 — for good reason! The magazine states, “larger and brighter than the original, Anju's new location maintains the modern approach to traditional Korean food.” They recommend trying the small plates with a beer or the signature Anju cocktail.

For more information about Anju visit their website. To learn more about the top 10 restaurants in Calgary, visit Avenue Calgary online.

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