If you are visiting Calgary, you may want to opt to use car2go for getting around town. This easy transportation method allows you to rent a car for as long as you like, while being easy on not only your budget, but the environment, too!

Whether you are looking to shop on 17th Ave, grab lunch downtown, or head over to Chinook Centre, you can use car2go to get there.

What is Car2Go?

Car2go has over 550 vehicles that are always ready to go, for as long and as often as you want. There are no fixed rental stations and they are extremely convenient for people that are visiting from out of town.

Use the car2go app to find a car in your area. You can take the car, drive it for the day, and then park it wherever. Easy!

How much does it cost?

You only pay for car2go when you use it. There are no monthly fees or subscription packages – and no reservations required. The best part is, since they don’t require you to return the car to the same location that you began your trip, it is more affordable.

The car will be $0.41 per minute, plus taxes and fees. Or, you can opt to pay $85.00 per day.

What else should I know?

Transportation has never been easier. In fact, you can use your phone to open the car. Simply select “start rental” from the car2go app, then start your trip. All car2go cars are small for easy mobility and to make parking that much easier. Just remember to abide by the city parking rules when parking the car.

  Posted: Wednesday, August 10th, 2:52pm 3 years ago

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