Millennials twice as likely to travel as Baby Boomers

A recent study conducted by the Global Business Travel Association found that millennials are nearly twice as likely to want to travel for business when compared to Baby Boomers. The study took into consideration sentiment towards business travel safety, social media experience, technology for business travel, and overall trip experience.

Millennials seek to combine work and travel

The GBTA notes that 45 percent of Millennials are seeking job opportunities to travel, while only 26 percent of the Baby Boomer generation are doing the same. The GBTA has dubbed Millennials “road warriors,” for being so passionate about travelling for business.

For Millennials, technology can't replace face-to-face meetings

There are a lot of different reasons for this huge "desire to travel" discrepancy. For instance, Millennials believe that technology can never replace face-to-face meetings (57 percent), and they have fewer responsibilities at home, which allows them the freedom to travel.

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Do what the locals do

Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are more likely to have mature and growing families, which would prohibit their ability to travel. Plus, Millennials have grown up to appreciate travel, making it less about getting from point A to point B and more about the experience during the trip. For example, they enjoy “doing what the locals do” on their downtime during business travel.

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Stay connected to friends even on the road

Millennials are more likely to see the value that comes with travelling for business. They have found ways to keep up with family and friends that still make them feel connected, even when they are away from their home—one reason the Regency Suites Hotel, Calgary offers complimentary Wired and Wireless Internet.

Read the full GBTA Sentiment Index study, in partnership with American Express.

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  Posted: Thu Jan 24th 2019 11:00am  a year ago

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