Picture a great New Year’s Eve party with all your friends: Sparkling decorations , hilarious photos, a selection of appetizers. When the clock strikes 12, you toast with champagne and make wishes… but wait.. this new years you have to spend the night at a hotel. What do you do??

Here are 3 Tips to make the best of your New-Years-at-a-hotel situation:

Make A Fancy Drink

Choose from Sangria, lime punch or a festive champagne (or sparkling apple juice). These can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the point is to drink something special. Add frozen cranberries to your Sangria (which can be purchased ready made at any liquor store), some lime wedges to your lime punch or raspberries and mint to your champagne .

Make An Appetizer

Grab some fancy crackers, some cheese and a few pieces of salami and you've got yourself an instant appie platter.

Make A Wish

Find some fancy paper, or use the hotel paper and pen, and when the clock strikes twelve write down all your wishes for the year on that piece of paper. Store it in a cool dry place (or just put it in your briefcase) and check it out in 3 months, 6, months or next New Years to see how everything went.

Oh and don't forget to take a selfie or two for that hilarious picture!

  Posted: Saturday, December 26th, 5:34am 4 years ago

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