Main 5 Tips for Alberta Optometrists

Alberta’s top optometrists will be gathering at the Alberta Association of Optometrists; here are 5 networking tips to get the most out of the event!

This is a great opportunity to meet and network with potential clients and current/future job candidates and make a great impression of yourself and your business. You can accomplish this by following these 5 tips:

#1 Prepare Prior to the Event:

Take some time and do some research about the event, the organization, and who the key people are that you are looking to network with. Additionally, have some relevant discussion points and/or questions regarding the event, your company, or their company, to talk about during the event to avoid awkward silences and pauses.

#2 Use your “Elevator Pitch”:

It is expected at networking events that the topic of discussion will be business but no one wants a sale demonstration or presentation. Keep it short and more personable for this social setting. Decide what the most important information is that you want to get across in approximately 2 minutes. Allow for others to ask you questions instead of going on and on about your work or project. It is important to listen attentively to speakers, presenters, and fellow members of the event. This shows dedication and respect, which is greatly appreciated in any field.

#3 Dress for Success:

What you wear and how you look seems like a frivolous part of doing business, but it’s actually extremely important. Why, you ask? It’s the first impression someone makes of you. Before anyone is aware of who you are or what you do, they see you and often come to a conclusion about you. The other reason it’s important is because when you look good, you feel good. This confidence is very helpful in enticing clientele and industry representatives and giving you the push you need to put yourself out there. Confidence, not cockiness.

#4 Bring Business Cards

There’s nothing worse than spending time networking with people and feeling confident about your conversation and then reaching into your wallet and not having any business cards. Make sure you bring several with you and that they clearly represent who you are and what you do. It’s not so much about giving your cards to as many people as possible, it’s more about finding people who are interested and taking the time to talk and listen to them.

#5 Follow Up- Post Event:

Getting and giving contact information at a networking event is the first step but following up with those people via email or phone is crucial. This shows that you are serious, you pay attention to detail, and you live up to your word. This will also get the ball rolling for any business deals or projects that were previously discussed at the event.

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  Posted: Tuesday, September 8th, 7:16pm 4 years ago

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