For the traveler, it can be challenging enough merely being on the road, let alone remembering everything you need to pack to be comfortable in your hotel room. If you are like many who find themselves spending time on the road and living out of suitcase, at some point you will have forgotten to pack some small item you need. It is human nature.

In that event, most travelers can count on the hotel in which they are staying to provide them with the little necessities they have forgotten. Many chains offer a host of amenities to make your stay more enjoyable and to keep you coming back.

The Basics

When it comes to forgot to pack items, most hotels are nearly certain to be able to provide you with the basic toiletry items such as toothpaste, shampoo, moisturizing lotions and even sewing kits and hair dryers. Depending on your budget of course, the amenities offered by various and sundry hotels differ from chain to chain.

A recent survey was conducted wherein 1000 travelers from around the globe were asked what amenities they look for when choosing a hotel in which to stay. Additionally, they were asked which room amenities mattered most to them. The list was somewhat surprising in that creature comforts and standard features trumped the more luxurious and exotic items list.

The Top 10 Preferred Hotel Amenities by Travelers

According to that survey and reported by the Huffington Post, the following top 10 amenities are what travelers look for most often when choosing a hotel.

  • A complimentary breakfast
  • Indoor restaurant
  • Internet access/free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking
  • 24-hour desk service
  • Smoke-free hotel
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar
  • Air conditioning in the room
  • Coffee/tea in the lobby

Choosing a hotel that offers such amenities is only the first step however. The top 10 amenities people want most in their hotel room is similar but naturally varies.

Below is the top 10 list of room amenities travelers desire when determining in which hotel they want to stay.

The Top 10 In-Room Amenities Important to Travelers
  • Internet access with free Wi-Fi
  • Bathroom shower
  • Room size
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Premium bedding
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Mattress type

Interesting to note that for Canadian travelers, internet access and free Wi-Fi trumped every other amenity including swimming pools, local shopping and businesses, cuisine and even privacy. People do indeed love their Wi-Fi.

Travelers tastes and wants are as varied as the hotels from which they have to choose. It is no secret that the bigger your hotel budget, the more options you will have available to you.

It’s Up to You

As individuals vary, so do the myriad of hotels and rooms from which you have to choose.

In the end, most travelers are just looking for good night’s sleep in a safe and clean room with the standard amenities that a nice room affords them. It’s ultimately up to you to decide which one best serves your immediate needs.

Happy traveling!

  Posted: Tue Jun 26th 2018 10:00am  2 years ago

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