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The in’s and out’s and FAQ about the 2015 competition

GlobalFest: A multicultural firework festival, took flight in Calgary in 2003, acquiring approximately 10,000 spectators for it’s first appearance in Elliston Park. Since then, the festival has taken off and landed amazing competitors along with local food and market vendors to create a fun-filled evening out!

Why Global Fest 2015?

  • It’s an illuminating world-class firework experience
  • It represents a multitude of different countries and cultures in one place
  • It displays each country’s diversity and matches their fireworks to music
  • It’s a perfect, non-expensive date-night
  • It offers delicious local food vendors for dinner and dessert

How it Works?

Global Fest is a competition between countries. Each night is dedicated to a specific country and the last night is the finale, in which every country participates. Judges look for the following qualifications to be the winner:
  • The overall quality of the firework display
  • The fullness and boldness of color used
  • The creativity and uniqueness of the concept
  • The communication between the sounds, fireworks, and music
  • The music used in the artistic display is AT Least 25% native to that particular country.

Which Countries are Competing in 2015?

  • China-August 20/2015
  • Philippines-August 22/2015
  • Spain-August 25/2015
  • USA-August 27/2015
  • FINALE-August 29/2015

What is the Best Night to go?

  • THE FINALE-Spectators see a little bit of each countries concept (But Every Country is amazing and unique)

What to bring?

  • Blankets/Chairs- something to sit on to enjoy the show
  • Layers to stay warm into the evening/night
  • A group of friends or a date to enjoy the festivities and watch the show

What Vendors are the Best?

  • MacKay’s Ice Cream (Of course)
  • The Ukrainian sausage and perogies
  • Pizza on a stick
  • Wood fire Pizza

How Much Does it Cost?

  • General Admission- $15 (Finale-$20)
  • VIP (Get special closer seating)-$45 each night
  • 5 Day Global Pass access-$65

Where do I buy tickets and access more information?


Global Fest is an outstanding evening of fun and surprise, make sure you don’t miss it!

  Posted: Tuesday, August 4th, 8:48pm 4 years ago

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