Guests staying at the Regency Suites Hotel this summer can check out Calgary’s beaches to cool off and take in some nice views. What better than sun, sand, and water to brighten a trip?

Unfortunately, some of the better beaches in the area are part of lake communities. To access those beaches, you need an invitation from someone who lives there.

Still, there are several popular spots where you can take a dip and hang out on a warm, sunny day.

Here are 3 of the best beaches in Calgary:

1. Sikome Lake

Sikome Lake is the best public beach in Calgary, really the only official public beach. There is a lot of space and sand but because of its popularity, it is occasionally closed due to contamination from e-coli.

Check out this great spot, but make sure that it is open first before heading over.

2. Edworthy Park

Edworthy Park has a nice spot next to Bow River by the pedestrian bridge, where citizens enjoy picnics and cooling off in the water.

There’s a small rocky area where groups can set up chairs, barbecue, and hang out for the day.

3. Bowness Park

Bowness Park is another spot with water access where families like to spend the day, picnic, and cool off.

Check out the beautiful waterside urban park and if you’re looking for a little more adventure, you can even get an inflatable raft and go out on Bow Lake.

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  Posted: Mon Jul 17th 2017 9:32pm  3 years ago

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